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Homeschool Edition Customers

Welcome, Build Your Bundle: Homeschool Edition Customers Are you interested in taking advantage of our bonus option included in your Bundle of Bonuses? United Environmental Services is offering FREE Water Testing and a bunch of different coupon codes for you all (call for details)! Have you ever thought about what is lurking in your water? Do you have city water or well water? Well either can still contain harmful chemicals and bacteria that can hurt both you and your family, not just internally but cause outward symptoms as well, such as eczema. At United Environmental Services we carry only the best water filtration systems, and we have a variety so that you can choose the one that fits your needs best. We can also help you figure out which is best for you. Please call us at 877-247-0624 to discuss. Send us a sample of the water coming from your tap. You will be responsible for the shipping costs to us. We will test it and get the results back to you. The best way to ship it to us i

The Different Water Filter Options

Water is the basic essential to life. People can live up to a week or better without food, but can only live 2-to-3 days without water. Clean water can be hard to find if you get stranded, there is an emergency or natural disaster occurs. Sometimes choosing which way that you are going to filter your water can be overwhelming. We will explore some of the many options that you can choose in making that decision. These are the 6 topics that we will discuss. How To Make Your Own Water Filter Bottled Water (Exploring the different types) 5 Gallon Fill Stations Portable Water Filtration Bottles Berkey and Propur Gravity Systems Aquavida Whole Home Conditioner  1. How to Make Your Own Water Filter  Method 1 of 3: Multilevel Filter Have at least 2 containers for water. One should be used to hold unfiltered water and the other should only be used for filtered water. If you have more, one can be converted into a filter. Poke small holes into the bottom of the filter container. These holes sh

Water, Water, Everywhere!

Water, Water, Everywhere . . . . . . And not a drop to drink!  This is truly the case when it comes to clean, pure, healthy water.  Yes, there is water everywhere from your municipal water source, but is it clean, purified water like your body needs? The answer is a resounding “no”. But with today’s busy, on-the-go society, how can you make sure you and your family have the clean healthy water you need when you re not at home?  There are several different ways to accomplish this and United Environmental Solutions can help. We offer everything from our patented whole home water filtration system known as the Aqua Vida Filtration System to portable water filtration products such as Berkey Water and Propur Water filtration systems. The Berkey Water System is a powerful water purification system designed to meet your family’s hydration needs both in-home and on the go . . . even during times of emergency when municipal water supplies are not available.  Do you need somet

Yes, please!

Yes, Please! Do you want clean, purified water for you and your family no matter where you are? Yes, please! We understand and embrace the fact that water is the base of anything to live and flourish. Having access to purified water is sometimes tough to do . . . especially if you’re on the go like so many others. Purified water is not something only a privileged few have on hand; bottled water is not a pure as you may think. We are able to turn a “please” into “thank you” is by offering three water filtration solutions; Berkey Water Systems. Kooltek Water Coolers, and the Aqua Vida Filtration System. The Aqua Vida Filtration System is a full home water filtration system that removes unwanted hardness from your water and then filters all water entering your home with a patented two-stage Vortex tank separating the resin and carbon. Allowing the purification medias to work independently allows them to filter to their full potential leaving you with crisp, healthy water for co

Which Berkey Is Best For Me?

We have been asked quite a bit lately, Which Berkey is best for me? .  Choosing a Berkey that best fits your family can sometimes be difficult and frankly a little overwhelming. How much water can it filter? How much water can it hold? I have 4 people in my home, which one is best for my family? There are so many options!! Below is a chart that can help you make that decision.

Bad water in Reservoir, Portland Oregon

It s sad how much water can be wasted from one small action. Just a few days ago, a teen urinated in a reservoir in Portland, Oregon. After this crude and selfish act, officials must drain millions of gallons of fresh water to ensure the sanitation of city s drinking water. Not hundreds of gallons, not thousands of gallons millions. Aren t we on the cusp of a fresh water crisis? Why would we drain MILLIONS of gallons of fresh water because one teen urinated in it? Don t other animals such as bears, birds, deer, elk, moose, rodents, etc., urinate and defecate in water all the time? We have the technology to clean and sanitize water, don t we? Thousands of cities across the country drink waste water from treatment plants, why on earth would we drain MILLIONS of gallons of fresh water. Here at United Environmental Solutions, we don t believe in waste. As a green company, we strive to preserve the environment as much as possible. Our business cards are made from recycled water bottles, we

Water Softener Tampa

In this video I interview Dan the Water Man and we talk about the poor quality of our city and well water sources, the stuff you can expect to consume if you drink from your tap water and affordable solutions to ensure you and your family drink pure water.

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Water Softener Tampa: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=otSu21biHAM&feature=share via @youtube

City of Tampa’s 2012 Water Report

You know you can t argue with the data. Well, ok you can but it s pretty hard to ignore the actual water report put out by your city s water department. All I can say is that when I first read a city water report, that very day I stopped drinking water from the tap and I do not let anyone I care about do it either. Water is essential. Without it we die. Drink bad water and you just die slowly. Pure drinking water is one thing that no one on this earth can do without. Knowing what is in our water sources is what motivated me and Dan the Water Man to start this business. We are passionate about providing affordable solutions to help people and families have access to purified water that FAR exceeds what you get from your tap. So, let me introduce you to the City of Tampa s 2012 Water Report. Read it. It will take you about 5 minutes. I find it hard to believe that anyone reading this won t immediately start their search for a better solution. We have them for any budget so give us a cal

Shower Filter Basics

The shower filter sector is a fairly small yet definitely a highly competitive one. Most folks know they should filter drinking water, however never consider showering in unfiltered tap water. But your physical body has the chance to soak up more waterborne impurities, such as chlorine and chloramines, during an average 10 minute shower than you would certainly consume by drinking unfiltered tap water throughout the entire day. During a shower or bath, the pores in our skin begin to open and come to be highly absorbing, just like a sponge. A lot of contaminants, such as chlorine, ended up being remarkably unpredictable in hot water and instantly vaporize out of the water permitting chlorine vapors to likewise be breathed in straight into our lungs. Although the chlorine in our showers can vary greatly throughout the day, one point is particular. There is always chlorine present in bath water that is preserved by municipal water. Repeated exposure to a high focus of chlorine has actual

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