Strategies for Generating Leads Using LinkedIn

6 Ways to Use LinkedIn for Lead GenerationLinkedIn is one of the best online social media mediums to use for business owners and professionals, especially if you are a “B2B” type of business or professional. There are ways to use LinkedIn to laser target your prospecting and the paid versions of LinkedIn (LI) are well worth you considering as “InMail” is one of the most  under-appreciated tools the paid versions have to offer. InMail allows you to send an email to another LI member but the email goes to their LI inbox, not their typical email inbox which, we all know, gets flooded with email, junk email and spam.

But here is where the power of InMail comes into play…  LinkedIn says “professionals are 30 times more likely to open LinkedIn InMail than other email, because they view InMail as originating from a trusted source.” In fact, you get a Feedback Score from LinkedIn InMail about how many positive responses you receive and if you don’t get a response within seven days, LinkedIn will credit your account with a new InMail. I can attest to this… InMails get opened almost 100% of the time but more importantly, I have NEVER not received a response via an InMail sent.

Here are some additional tips from Josh Loposer from Driving Traffic

LinkedIn has evolved, and it’s quickly becoming one of the best places for generating highly qualified leads. It’s true.

Did you know that the once second-tier business networking site now has well over 200 million active users? Sure, that pales in comparison to Facebook’s community of 1 billion strong… but that’s also what makes it BETTER than Facebook (yep, I just said it).

Facebook’s community and connections are built entirely on a social framework. It’s people sharing cat photos and venting about their coworkers.

LinkedIn’s community is built on a framework that’s entirely professional. Think about it; there’s really no reason to be on LinkedIn unless you’re motivated to advance your career or business. It’s not a good venue for cute cat photos and Fail videos.

The point is that LinkedIn, by design, attracts a certain type of user, one that’s more likely to be motivated, affluent, etc. It automatically collects users that belong to a certain, highly valuable demographic. If this type of customer fits your customer profile, LinkedIn is a gold mine.

1. Create a LinkedIn Group

LinkedIn Groups are perhaps the most active corners of the entire network — and also the most underutilized by marketers. You may be asking, how exactly is a LinkedIn group going to help me generate leads?

It’s simple: Create a group in which the topic ties in seamlessly with your product or service.

For example, if your were trying to generate leads for your SEM company, you’d create group entitled “Online Marketing 101.” This gives you 2 massive advantages:

1. You get to hand pick who you invite — other LinkedIn users who you believe to be potential leads and colleagues.

2. You get to mail to the group once every week through LinkedIn Announcements.

When you create a LinkedIn Group, you’ll need to make a few decisions about how you’ll manage it. First off, will this be a “closed” group or an “open” one?

As you probably guessed, closed groups require approval to join and the conversations within those groups are not visible to the public. Closed groups are easier to manage (because there are less contributors). On the flip side, they grow much slower.

By managing a group, you can screen members, direct conversations, and set the ground rules for group posting. For example, you can make users agree not to pitch their products and services in the group.

As you post answers to technical questions in your group, you’ll be demonstrating your massive SEM knowledge and you’ll be hailed a hero. Users will take notice of your company profile and reach out to you for help on their own projects.

This strategy is one of the best lead gen strategies on social media, because it allows you to expose you to a very qualified pool of leads.

2. Join a Group

So we’ve already identified that LinkedIn Groups are full of top-notch prospects, right? Just because you didn’t create the group, that doesn’t mean you can’t tap into it…

The users in a LinkedIn group are usually there to make connections and ask questions. It’s a perfect set up for you to showcase your expertise on a subject.

Budget some time each day, as little as 10 minutes a day, and spend that time offering helpful answers and suggestions in groups that are relevant to your business. Connect with the user that asked the initial question and follow-up when possible.

TIP: Don’t be spammy. Remember that you are looking to build a good working relationship with these new connections. Offer your help, but don’t push.

3. Post Strategic Updates

The third way to find leads on LinkedIn is to post helpful tips and articles to your status updates.

Don’t fall in to the trap of thinking that you need to self-promote on LinkedIn. It’s just as effective to share another expert’s content. In fact, it works best this way. Nobody likes someone that is constantly talking about himself.

By sharing another expert’s helpful content, you’re building trust and relationships with your contacts on LinkedIn.

In the photo above, you can see how e-commerce expert, Ezra Firestone, has featured a post from Practical eCommerce in his status update.

And the post just below Ezra’s is a prominent personal trainer doing some lead gen of her own. Are you starting to see how this works?

These updates are a subtle way of reminding your contacts that:

A.) You exist.

B.) You are an expert in your field.

Monitor the comments on your posts for opportunities to answer questions and network with potential clients.

The key thing to remember when generating leads on LinkedIn is to spend a little time each day connecting with potential leads and sharing your expertise in a way that creates visibility.

Here are some additional sources to consider rounding out your knowledge on this topic!

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How Marketers Can Use LinkedIn to Generate Leads: 5 Tips on the …

Dec 3, 2012 LinkedIn isn’t the most popular kid on the social networking block, but that doesn’t mean it’s not an important site for marketers to know and use.

A Guide to Generating Leads on LinkedIn |

Oct 6, 2011 A Guide to Generating Leads on LinkedIn If Facebook is a rave at a hip downtown hot spot, LinkedIn is a stuffy reception with piped-in music


Social Media for Tampa Businesses

Social Media for Business: Pinterest and Google +

Social media is still such a new animal in the marketing world figuring it out can sometimes make you feel like you are chasing a moving target.  There are so many different social platforms available it is a challenge to figure out where to focus your efforts.  Not every business needs to be present on every media.  This article will show you the benefits of Pinterest and Google+ to business.


Pinterest defines itself as an online ‘pinboard’ where people organize and share things they love.   It is a very visual media and given that human beings are visually oriented it makes sense that Pinterest is now the number three social platform behind Facebook and Twitter.  It is important to note that according to Tech Crunch 68% of Pinterest users are female and most of them are moms.  It is also important to remember that the women hold the purse strings in most households so getting your brand/service/product in front of them can be very productive.

Why use Pinterest for Business?

  • Pinterest users have disposable income.  The average household median for Pinterest users is $100,000/year. (Mashable)
  • Pinterest has 1.36 million visitors a day and that number has grown 125% since January of this year! (Shopify)
  • Buyers referred by Pinterest are 10% more likely to buy than buyers referred from other social media. (Shopify)
  • Buyers referred by Pinterest are 70% more likely to buy than buyers referred by a website. (Shopify)
  • People spend money with companies they trust and Pinterest is trusted by the women who use it.  (AdWeek)
    • 81 percent of women trust Pinterest,
    • 67 percent said they trusted Facebook
    • 73 percent said they trusted Twitter
    • Pinterest drives more traffic to websites than YouTube, Reddit, Google Plus and LinkedIn combined. (Social Media Examiner) – this is HUGE!

The fact that Pinterest is so visual bodes very well for brands.  Human beings get passionate about brands they love and will ‘pin’ images of those brands to creative pin boards that express their style and personality. The more passion people feel around a brand the more loyal they are and the more they spend.  Brands that recognize this and develop a strategy that includes intriguing images for consumers to pin will benefit greatly from Pinterest.

 Google +

Google+ is Google’s social media platform.  Saying that, however, doesn’t capture the whole story.  Google+ is a platform where social media integrates with the many other Google services that people have come to use regularly.  This helps streamline social workflow and communication in a more seamless way than other platforms.  When deciding how to use Google+ it is important to note that according to Plus Demographics 2012 report 62% of Google+ users are tech savvy males with at least a bachelor’s degree.

Google+ has recently become much more relevant to businesses with its announcement of Google+ Local.  Google has melded Google Places into its social platform integrating location, information and consumer reviews from Zagat, which is also Google owned.   As a result, it is important that you not only claim your business on Google but you need to also monitor the reviews and comments already being posted about you.  These changes have made Google+ a crucial element in local search and as a result businesses cannot afford to ignore the platform.

Why use Google+ Local  and Google+ Pages for Business?

  • Your business is being reviewed whether you know it or not! Zagat reviews now come up in search results regardless of whether the business has been claimed.  Businesses need to get proactive by managing and reacting to positive and negative information being posted.  According to Nielsen, 70% of consumers trust peer reviews which makes the addition of reviews to search results very powerful.
  • Google+ pages and posts get better social search engine rankings.   It is Google, after all and they give you preferential treatment for being there. – Forbes
  • Mobile works better on Google+ than Facebook.  As a result mobile developers focus their attentions more strongly on Google than other social platforms. - Web Pro News
  • Google Hangouts allow you to video conference for free.  They are easy to use and can help businesses work collaboratively and connect remotely.
  •  Google Circles allows for much more targeted marketing than other social platforms.  A brand can set up different circles for different types of consumers allowing for a more specific conversation. 
  • The Plus 1 button, similar to the ‘like’ has an indirect effect on your SEO rankings.  -Mashable

Google Plus pages for business are less than a year old but are getting more popular each day.  Google is working diligently to move the consumer base to their platform by introducing such things as social reviews, hangouts, and circles.  Google plus also has a more seamless mobile platform, which is something Facebook is struggling with greatly.  With the tremendous growth in online purchases that take place on phones and tablets, having a fast and feature robust mobile platform will be an absolute draw.

Also, Google+ pages have a big leg up for Search Engine Optimization strategies. I am seeing many +pages ranking high and quickly so Tampa businesses looking for quality, white-hat SEO strategies should seriously consider creating an optimized Google+ page for their business.

Bringing it all together

It is easy to see that both Pinterest and Google+ have a place in marketing and relationship building for businesses.  They each have very different presentation to the consumer and as a result have very different demographics and uses.

Brands with products that are visually pleasing and marketable to women are a no brainer for the Pinterest platform.  Other brands are finding their way as well, remember Mom buys for the whole family, not just for herself.

While Google+ is currently a male dominated platform and most of those men are college educated, Google is working fast and furiously to bring more consumers to the platform.  Google’s new local search features that include reviews will help with that goal by driving a broader demographic of consumers to the platform.  Businesses and brands that want some control over what is being said about their organization will need to be present to listen and be proactive to ensure that what is seen and heard about their business is primarily driven by them and not left to chance.

And if you were wondering about how Facebook stacks up against Google+, here’s a great Infographic that should help you understand more on that subject….


Social Media Statistics for 2012

2012 is shaping up to be a HUGE year in Social Media and below is a great infographic that rounds up the key Social Media Statistics to kickoff 2012. It’s pretty impressive to see that Facebook has grown to more than 800 million active users, adding more than 200 million in a single year. Twitter now has 100 million active users and LinkedIn has over 64 million users in North America alone.

Google PlusBut a big mistake of business owners would be to discount the amazing first 7 months of Google+. In just 7 short months, Google+ amassed 100 million users. It took Facebook over 5 years to do that folks.

A few interesting take outs for social media statistics in 2012:

Twitter Statistics 2012:

  • 34% of marketers have generated leads using Twitter
  • 55% of Twitter users access the platform via their mobile

Facebook Statistics 2012:

  • An average Facebook user has 130 friends and likes 80 pages
  • 56% of consumer say that they are more likely recommend a brand after becoming a fan
  • Each week on Facebook more than 3.5 billion pieces of content are shared

General Social Media Statistics 2012:

  • 30% of B2B marketers are spending million of dollars each year on social media marketing
  • Nearly 30% of these users are not tracking the impact of this marketing
  • 20% of Google searches each day have never been searched for before
  • Out of the 6 billion people on the planet 4.8 billion have a mobile and only 4.2 billion own a toothbrush

Check out more social media statistics for 2012 below in the full infographic.

For similar posts, check out Bradenton Internet Marketing.

Social Media Statistics 2012

Website Design Companies

If you are looking for web design services, then you want a website marketing company that can give you the custom website development that you need to get ahead in the Internet marketing world for your industry so that your business can succeed in the new digital frontier.

But how do you decide which company has the best website designs and expertise? How do you know which company really knows what they are doing and has your best interests in mind? What should you look for when choosing someone to design that all important tool for you to compete in the Internet world?

Choosing a Website Design Company

Here are some of the things you need to do in order to choose a professional website design company to meet the needs of your website services:

1. Figure out exactly what you need

When you are looking for the best website designer you want someone who will take your wants and desires into consideration when discussing how to develop your business website. Some website companies will just try to tell you what to do and boss you around. This will not be done by a professional website design company. At Think Big Enterprises, we have a very specific list of questions we need answered before we can even begin the creative web design process.

Instead, you want a company that can explain to you the reasons that certain things must be done to improve your site, but still take your considerations too. You will want someone who is a competent and savvy business website development company with lots of experience in many Internet niches.

Website design firms need to know the latest regulations, algorithm changes, trends and keywords. For instance, if you are in the Chicago area, then you will want to find website design companies Chicago area businesses can trust to know what is going on in that business area.

If you are trying to sell your goods or services in Chicago, then it wouldn’t do you any good to hire Miami web designers who wouldn’t know what was trending in the windy city. Or, if you are in Portland, Oregon, then you want web designers Oregon businesses have used and are satisfied with their work.

2. Study other websites for ideas, names of website developers

One way to find a website development company that you like is to at other sites and see which ones are user-friendly, attractive, easy to use and do a good job telling their customers about their products or services. You should choose an SEO web design company with lots of experience and who has lots of satisfied business customers.

Be sure to look for companies that are in your area. For instance, if you are located in Atlanta, Ga, then you will want web designers Atlanta Georgia businesses have used to create websites Atlanta customers find attractive. However, there are website developers who are savvy with several areas of the U.S. or the world, so you can consider them as well if you would prefer a larger company to deal with.

You can even call up the companies and talk to them and find out if they were satisfied with the design company that created their website and ask other questions about the job. This works well to get the inside track on how well a web design group worked with managers and people at their client’s place of business.

Once you have the name of several website design companies you think might be able to do the job, then you need to talk to their representative and find out if you can get some statistics about the websites they have done. This way you can see if the completed design actually got the other website additional traffic, customers and sales.

One thing to consider is that it is most likely better to hire a website design company with a full team of professional consultants and technicians. If you hire a freelancer, they may not have the capability to handle such as big task alone. Hiring a professional website design company gets you the full support of a larger and more robust team of people that can be there for you when you need it most. In this current climate, you have to be very aware of the “fly by night” web design companies that are in every city. There are many of them and a key way to identify them is to ask them how many employees they have and actually look at the websites they have developed and designed.

Other Things to Consider with Website Design Companies

You will also need to get a website marketing company to give you a quote for their services before you make your final decision. Then, you can compare their cost along with their capabilities when trying to decide who to hire to do the job of designing your business website. A professional website design company will be happy to work with you and develop a plan that will fit both your budget and your needs.

All in all, when you are getting ready to choose a website marketing company to create your new business website, you need to choose the best one for your situation who will do the best job for you. This is vital to your success in your chosen Internet niche.



Online Marketing Tampa

Tampa internet marketing strategies are very important for the success of your business website. If you need to find out the latest trends and strategies for the best Florida web site design then you should highly consider hiring our Internet marketing specialists at Think Big Enterprises.

Your website needs to meet the needs of your customers, as well as your own business needs for getting the targeted customers and sales that you need to make a profit. Our professional and skilled techs at Think Big Enterprises have studied the Tampa web design tactics that will get you the most traffic and keep the customers coming back time and time again.

We are completely up to date with the latest trends in Tampa marketing and can sit down with you to discuss your website needs. The way that we do this is by helping your company to answer several important questions about your website.

Who is your target audience for your Tampa website?

It is vital that a website owner knows what kind of targeted audience they are trying to reach. This needs to be known prior to starting to make your website so that you will have the type of web design Tampa customer will be attracted to.

Our Tampa SEO Consultants are skilled in going over your website to make sure it is totally up to date and ready for your customers and to meet recent algorithm changes in the search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo.

If someone comes to your website and they don’t like what they see, they aren’t going to stay long enough to order anything. You don’t want to make a generic website, as it’s not really possible to please everyone and it’s better to target a specific group of potential customers. The web technicians at Think Big Enterprises can help you to find the most qualified market of customers.

What are the marketing objectives of your website?

There are multiple reasons that a business may want to have their own website. While some companies say they only want one because their competition has a website, there are better reasons to have Think Big Enterprises help you to choose the best type of web design Florida business owners need, as well as some of the city needs, such as developing Clearwater web design projects.

A good reason to have a business website is so that you can have a way to reach more customers and be able to communicate with them easily and present your products and services all over the world. We can help you to determine the best style of internet marketing Tampa FL customers will be the most attracted to and therefore come to your website instead of your competition’s website.

Having a website is a very cost effective way to do business and helps you to expand much easier than if you tried to open physical stores everywhere. Our qualified Internet specialists know the type of web marketing Tampa business people need to succeed in their niche. We can also help you if you need a type of website design Orlando FL customers will love or wherever your business may be.

What does a visitor expect to get out of your website?

Another vital piece of information to have is to know what your potential customers desire when they come to your business website. Are they there to get information? Are they there to buy something? Knowing this is important, and we can help you to do the research to determine this through instituting the proper online marketing Tampa Bay customers are most interested in according to current trends.

What do you want the visitor to do on your website?

You must also know what you want your potential customers to do once they get to your website. Do you want them to buy something? Do you want them to sign up for an email newsletter? Knowing this answer is vital to succeeding in your Internet niche.

At Think Big Enterprises we are experts in ecommerce websites design and web designing for all kinds of businesses and so we can help you to determine how to best show off your website to answer this burning question. We just need to sit down with your company representative and discuss your needs and desires.

Why should a visitor come back to your website again?

One a visitor has come to your site and made a transaction on your business website, why should they ever return to your site once again? At Think Big Enterprises we are well versed in all of the current types of internet marketing Florida customers are the most attracted to, and can help you to get return visits through proper design of your website.

You want your customers to come back to your site the next time they need the type of goods or services that you sell. This means you have to have the proper design and make your website user friendly and easy to navigate so that they will want to return to buy from you again, as well as recommend your site to their friends.



Logo Design Tampa

A company’s logo is a very important item when it comes to brand awareness. When it comes to Tampa logo design, here at Think Big Enterprises, we can provide you with Tampa website designers that understand the type of designs that will help your business to become the best in your Internet niche and can seamlessly integrate your logo design into the website project. We will provide the best possible web designer Tampa businesses need in order to succeed in their Internet niche.

Your logo communicates to your customers the things that your business stands for, the products you sell, and what kind of business you are in. Our commercial website designers are savvy in logo designs and trends in Tampa website design products and services. It is vital to stay current in these areas so that you can reach the customers you need to stay in business.

Website Design Helps to Determine Your Business Image

We will provide you with a website designer Tampa businesses can relate to and work with to create the best possible logo and website for your field of work. If your company is located elsewhere, we can still work with you to create websites, design logos, and look over your website content and more.

We can provide Brandon SEO experts, a Orlando web designer, or one for other cities in Florida. For any of these places we will do website design, search engine optimization, search engine marketing and other kinds of website services. In short we can accommodate your business marketing needs regardless of the Florida city you do business in.

A company logo demonstrates the business’ sense of identity so it is vital to produce one that meets that need the best. Our team at Think Big Enterprises knows the kind of web design Tampa customers will be attracted to and will help create your website accordingly. We keep track of all the current trends and features that will help your website shoot to the top of the page rankings in Yahoo, Bing and Google search engine queries.

Our lead Tampa designer is a specialist in determining the images and wording that helps your business in the Tampa area to create the logo that will best identify your company’s image and style. We also design Clearwater logos, as well as those for businesses in Miami, Sarasota, and more. It doesn’t matter what you sell or what type of services that you provide, we are capable of assisting you in all of your design needs.

We can also provide an expert Brandon designer to provide for the needs of our clients in that city, as well as several other towns in Florida to determine the best branding Florida customers will remember when we use it to build and design your new company logo. We will do the appropriate Florida website application development needed to figure out the kind of logo that you need.

Fonts and Colors Help to Determine the Best Logo Design

Some of the things that help determine the kind of logo that your business should have are the fonts and colors you decide to use. Our savvy experts understand how to do Florida web site development in order to determine which fonts and colors will best suit your logo creation.

For instance, if your company sells eco-friendly items, you will most likely do well with a logo that contains colors people associate with nature such as brown or green. Or, if you are trying to portray a company that is selling children’s products, then primary colors that are bright and bold are good to use.

When it comes to the types of fonts that you should use, the choice should be fonts that are easy for your readers to see and ones that show up well on websites. You should take into consideration website platforms like mobile phone sites, as well as traditional sites for laptops, desktops or tablets. Mobile phone usage to get on the Internet is becoming much more popular and so this sort of design consideration is vital to your future success.

Web Design is also Important to Business Needs

Our Tampa web design specialists can also use search engine optimization methods to help you to get the best possible design to show off your company logo and web pages. We can even provide you with a Spanish speaking Hispanic website designer if you wish to create a website in both Spanish and English. This will double your chances of getting targeted traffic to your website if you are in an area where people are bilingual.

All in all, there are many design factors to take into consideration when designing either a company logo or a business website. If you need help in creating these items, then call us at Think Big Enterprises to set up and appointment with one of our professional team members. We can provide the type of services that will help your company to reach the top of the Internet search engine rankings for your niche and become successful and profitable.

Florida Web Design

Florida Web Design

Custom website development is a process that can be separated into several different steps. If you are a business website owner who needs web design services our Florida based consultants can create websites that conform to your needs.

The following are the steps to creating a website that will meet the appropriate Florida design requirements for your Internet niche:

Website design and development starts with analysis

The first step in creating a custom website is for the team from Think Big Enterprises to sit down with the business owner and discuss the company’s requirements. Our team can handle any type of project… whether a Northwest Florida web design project such as an ecommerce site development or other specific types of websites.

One of the first things to analyze is determine the type of customers you wish to target to your website. After that is figured out, our team of savvy Florida designers will put together a plan on how to take all of your proposed content materials such as videos, text, articles, pictures and other pieces of data and turn it all into a quality website representing your business.

Services for Websites Are Added to the Plans

The design and internet marketing team from Think Big Enterprises will also develop a plan that will include all the maintenance and upkeep services that will go into keeping your website in shape and up to date. These services will be customized for your company’s needs.

We will work with you to meet the requirements of your budget. We are skilled in SEO Tampa, Miami SEO and Orlando SEO trends, as well as those search engine optimization needs and requirements in other areas in Florida.

We are capable of developing programs and services for Lakeland Florida web design needs, as well as being able to provide skilled Miami website developers to work on websites for companies in that region of Florida. Depending on the size of your new website, we may need to schedule several consultations before the project is completed.

Once a decision has been made on these sections of the website development for your business, we will write up a contract detailing your requirements and our proposed services and sign it. Then we will get busy building and putting together your new business website right away. The time it takes to create a new website depends on how much material you wish to include and how many pages you wish the site to have plus any unique customization goals you may have.

Clients Have Input Into Website Development Needs

Think Big Enterprises keeps you in the loop while creating and developing your website. We are open to the suggestions of our clients as we produce the custom web design our Florida business clients desire. You can schedule an appointment at any time to discuss how your website project is progressing.

Whether the project is for Miami Internet marketing or we are creating a website for a business in Sarasota, Orlando, Brandon, or Tampa, we give it 100 percent of our attention. We can provide Miami website development experts, or a team of trained technicians for the needs of any other city in Florida. Our web developers can literally work on a website project for a business anywhere in the world however we have specific expertise in Florida web development projects.

Adding Content to Your Website

While our team of designers is completing the proposed structure for your new website, you should be putting together the content that you wish us to add to the template. This would contain the articles, pictures, graphics and videos to be placed onto your web pages.

The choices you make in these items is a vital part of web development  businesses must make in order to put together the pieces for a quality site that will rank highly in the search engine queries. We can work with you to optimize this selected content so that it conforms to the latest algorithm changes for Google, Bing and Yahoo.

Testing Your New Website is Vital

After the website is completed, our specialists at Think Big Enterprises will test it to see if it is user friendly and easy to navigate. You will want your site to be simple and easy for your customers to use so that they will keep coming back to buy your products and services. The website must be viewable in all of the main website browsers including Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Safari and Google Chrome.

If a site is not easy for people to navigate or is not attractive or trendy enough to bring people to your site, then you won’t get the sales conversions that your company needs to meet or exceed your bottom line. Driving traffic to your site is only half of the equation, once a prospect lands at your site, does the design, content and offers pique the user’s interest and produce a lead or a sale? That’s always the big question.

Our expert Florida designers will perform the same tasks that your potential customers would do in order to ensure that your site is ready to go live and will have the highest probability of converting for you.

After we have tested and proven that your new website is ready to go live, our technicians will get it turned on and ready for your customers. You can then advertise the fact that you have a new website to all your contacts so you can start getting the sales that you desire.





Florida Website Design

If you own a business website anywhere in the state of Florida, then you will want to know the most important aspects of websites design that Florida companies need for success. Websites with the proper types of current and up-to-date Florida web design services will be the ones that stay on top of the page rankings in Google and the other top search engines like Bing and Yahoo.

Our Florida Web Site Designers Can Help Your Website Improve

Here at Think Big Enterprises, our experienced Florida web site designers are knowledgeable in all of the recent algorithm changes and can help your business to get more traffic and customers through any required design changes.

It is vital to have a properly designed website, because if your visitors don’t like your site or it is not very user-friendly, then they won’t stay on it long enough to find out about your business or to buy any of your products or services.

Think Big Enterprises is a custom web designer and can provide South Florida website design services in several areas, including Sarasota web marketing services, Miami SEO services, Bradenton and Brandon, Ft. Myers, Naples and in several other Florida towns. If you need service in any city in the state, contact us today and make an appointment to discuss your web design needs and desires.

Things That Hurt Your Website Traffic

Getting enough visitors to your business website is vital so that your company can earn money and stay in business. There are several mistakes in web site design that Florida companies may be making, especially if they haven’t been keeping up with the recent changes in the Google algorithm over the past year. Some of the most important ones include:

Out of date content or material

The Florida designers who work at Think Big Enterprises can go over your website to check of content material that is out of date. One of the things that Google changed recently was that they will only index the freshest and most up to date content. Content includes your text, videos, images, graphics and other items on your website.

Your customers need the most current information on your products and services and if they don’t find it on your site, they may go elsewhere, which will make you lose potential sales. A custom web design FL company like ours will get your website in shape so that Google and the other search engines will index all of your pages, which makes your listings show up in search engine queries.

Proper Customer Targeting Means More Customers

Another mistake that some website owners make is over-generalizing your site  (ie. making it too generic) so that it doesn’t reach out to anyone in particular. You can’t really make everyone happy, so it is better to specifically target a range of users.

Think Big Enterprises’ consultants can help you to achieve the precise web design Florida customers are looking for so they can buy your products. We will look over your site and do website audits and overviews that will transform your site into the best web design FL users have ever seen in your niche.

For example, if you are selling hair care products for women, then you will want to gear your content and information to reach women buyers. It is better to reach your target via design services from a Florida web designer like our experts at Think Big Enterprises, then to try to reach masses of people and have no one find your site at all.

Don’t Make Your Website Too Busy, Flashy

Websites these days must be properly search engine optimized so that they can be seen properly on not only regular laptops or desktops, they must also have the proper web development features that will work on smart phones or tablets.

Websites that are using too much flashy graphics or busy looking fonts won’t work well on some of the popular platforms or load quickly on smart phones. If your potential customers can’t see your site, they will move on to one of your competitors and you will lose sales.

Let our experts at Think Big Enterprises work over your website and ensure that it is in the proper format to be seen on all platforms so you get the most traffic and most customers you can and then you will make many more sales and much more profits. We are a team of web designers… Florida website owners can trust us to do the best job possible using the trendiest and up to date design features and strategies.

All in all, having the best possible website design in the state of Florida is a goal that all Florida business website owners desire. We at Think Big Enterprises can make this happen and are waiting for your call to set up an appointment today.


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