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If you own a business website anywhere in the state of Florida, then you will want to know the most important aspects of websites design that Florida companies need for success. Websites with the proper types of current and up-to-date Florida web design services will be the ones that stay on top of the page rankings in Google and the other top search engines like Bing and Yahoo.

Experienced Florida Web Site Designers Can Help Your Website Improve

Here at Think Big Enterprises, our experienced Florida web site designers are knowledgeable in all of the recent algorithm changes and can help your business to get more traffic and customers through any required design changes.

It is vital to have a properly designed website, because if your visitors don’t like your site or it is not very user-friendly, then they won’t stay on it long enough to find out about your business or to buy any of your products or services.

Think Big Enterprises is a custom web designer and can provide South Florida website design services in several areas, including Sarasota web marketing services, Miami SEO services, Bradenton and Brandon, Ft. Myers, Naples and in several other Florida towns. If you need service in any city in the state, contact us today and make an appointment to discuss your web design needs and desires.

Things That Hurt Your Website Traffic

Getting enough visitors to your business website is vital so that your company can earn money and stay in business. There are several mistakes in web site design that Florida companies may be making, especially if they haven’t been keeping up with the recent changes in the Google algorithm over the past year. Some of the most important ones include:

Out of date content or material

The Florida designers who work at Think Big Enterprises can go over your website to check of content material that is out of date. One of the things that Google changed recently was that they will only index the freshest and most up to date content. Content includes your text, videos, images, graphics and other items on your website.

Your customers need the most current information on your products and services and if they don’t find it on your site, they may go elsewhere, which will make you lose potential sales. A custom web design FL company like ours will get your website in shape so that Google and the other search engines will index all of your pages, which makes your listings show up in search engine queries.

Proper Customer Targeting Means More Customers

Another mistake that some website owners make is over-generalizing your site  (ie. making it too generic) so that it doesn’t reach out to anyone in particular. You can’t really make everyone happy, so it is better to specifically target a range of users.

Think Big Enterprises’ consultants can help you to achieve the precise web design Florida customers are looking for so they can buy your products. We will look over your site and do website audits and overviews that will transform your site into the best web design FL users have ever seen in your niche.

For example, if you are selling hair care products for women, then you will want to gear your content and information to reach women buyers. It is better to reach your target via design services from a Florida web designer like our experts at Think Big Enterprises, then to try to reach masses of people and have no one find your site at all.

Don’t Make Your Website Too Busy, Flashy

Websites these days must be properly search engine optimized so that they can be seen properly on not only regular laptops or desktops, they must also have the proper web development features that will work on smart phones or tablets.

Websites that are using too much flashy graphics or busy looking fonts won’t work well on some of the popular platforms or load quickly on smart phones. If your potential customers can’t see your site, they will move on to one of your competitors and you will lose sales.

Let our experts at Think Big Enterprises work over your website and ensure that it is in the proper format to be seen on all platforms so you get the most traffic and most customers you can and then you will make many more sales and much more profits. We are a team of web designers… Florida website owners can trust us to do the best job possible using the trendiest and up to date design features and strategies.

All in all, having the best possible website design in the state of Florida is a goal that all Florida business website owners desire. We at Think Big Enterprises can make this happen and are waiting for your call to set up an appointment today.


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