The Mobile Marketing Frontier

Is your company prepared for the new mobile marketing frontier?

In the last 5 years, business has dramatically moved into a new mobile frontier. Your customers are new searching online almost exclusively before they make offline decisions. They are using smartphones and tablets to search for products and services. They are looking for new apps that can replace websites on their mobile devices.

If a small business is growing today, there’s a good chance mobile marketing has something to do with it.

That’s according to a new Small Business Mobile Survey from Group, Inc.

On Thursday, results of the new survey were published. Not surprisingly, the findings indicate that mobile marketing has played a major role in the expanding business activity within the small business community.

The published report notes that 69% of small businesses presently consider mobile marketing “crucial to their growth” in the next five years.

Here’s the cold-hard truth when it comes to mobile marketing…

… the largest majority of businesses – from small business to large corporations – are still well behind the curve. Said a different way, while their customers have moved well into the digital frontier, many businesses are still stuck in the technology and marketing strategies of the 20th century.

With 82.2 million Americans using smartphones, according to comScore figures, the benefits of mobile marketing are clear. Out of the 500 small business owners surveyed, 14 percent have a stand-alone mobile website; 84 percent of those entrepreneurs say they have seen an increase in new business activity due to their mobile marketing efforts.

Why are small business owners eager to invest in mobile marketing? Their top motivations were:

  1. Provide better service to existing customers (38 percent)
  2. Attract more local customers (36 percent)
  3. Gain competitive advantage (34 percent)

“With more and more consumers specifically searching for local businesses on their mobile devices, it is imperative that small businesses invest in a mobile presence,” said David Brown, chairman and chief executive officer of, in announcing the survey results. “Having a mobile presence can be a huge competitive advantage for small businesses trying to attract local customers by instantly introducing a potential customer to their business’ products and services in a mobile-enhanced way.”

We’ll keep this short and sweet… Think Big Enterprises is poised to help your company get up to speed and start capturing a whole new sales channel of customers that are searching for businesses like yours on their mobile phones.

These are what we would consider hot leads. Mobile searchers are in the mobile environment. When they search on these smartphones, like an iPhone or Android-powered smartphones, they are looking for something now or in the very near future, say 24 hours or less.

Every business needs to be conducting local search optimization and needs a mobile-enabled website. Period. No questions asked. If you don’t have a company like ours doing this for you, you are losing business to your customers. Period. Can we be any more straightforward.

So, we know you might have more questions and probably want to understand this new frontier a bit more. We encourage you to pick up the phone right now and call us. We’ll get something scheduled quickly and help answer all of your local search and mobile-related questions.

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