Mobile Site Design

We are in the midst of the Mobile Age coming into its own. The sheer number of mobile smartphones and tablets is catalyzing a mobile revolution. Coupled with high-speed internet connectivity, these new smartphones powered by the Apple iOS and Android operating systems, are nothing less than a full mobile computer in the palms of consumers’ hands. These “consumers” are also your customers.

These consumers are browsing websites on a daily basis now but what type of website do they land at if they visit your website? Statistics tell us that 90% of the business websites currently online are NOT mobile-enabled. Said another way, these websites do not accommodate the mobile browser… they are not friendly to smaller smartphone screens and do not provide the “utility” that is demanded by the mobile platform.

Unless you’ve already hired a company like ours to purposefully develop a mobile version of your website, you can bank on the fact that your corporate site is not mobile-friendly. Translated: You’re losing mobile customers.

A mobile website project is approached from a completely different perspective than a normal website. Utility and mobile functionality are top drivers. If you’re not optimized for this new digital frontier, let Think Big Enterprises help you address that deficiency. And yes, it is a deficiency in your business. Mobile websites are no longer the “cutting edge.” They are fast becoming a major necessity to ensure that your business is attracting the mobile consumer.

Ready to learn even more? See the video and infographic below and check out our special mobile site design page here.


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