Unique cX Design

“cX” is our shorthand for Customer Experience.
Question: Do your customers experience your brand by design or by accident?

Every customer of yours has an experience… the big question is it unique? And is it a bad experience or a great, memorable experience?

When Peyton Manning was 10 years old, it was probably pretty hard to see what his future would hold. No one could predict his wild success in the NFL. But after spending some time watching him play, some coaches took notice.

It’s not surprising what happened next. His coaches in junior high, high school, college and the pros set before him a sophisticated training program. Every activity led toward one goal: becoming a great NFL quarterback. Each little step has culminated in what Peyton Manning is today.

Unique customer experience (cX) design is very similar. We’ll take all of the knowledge we’ve gathered about your customers through an intense Clarity Process and use it to create a persona or profile. Then in order to develop this persona into full maturity, we map out a step-by-step customer experience pathway of relationship- and revenue-building touch points.

The sum of all customer interactions with your brand is the user experience. The user experience is defined by every aspect of your brand, product, and organization’s packaging and delivery plus every touch point between your business and your customer.

We have built a unique experience design practice that marries branding, strategy, and user-centered design. Our approach allows us to craft solutions that can be applied to a broad spectrum of products, services, organizational challenges and development initiatives.

Our technical expertise and understanding of the web-based development process sets us apart from traditional design firms and agencies. We understand the designer-to-developer workflow and work in close collaboration with our client’s management, product development, and marketing teams.

Our cross-disciplinary teams and iterative approach to design enable us to create complete solutions tailored to your organization and development cycle.

The final result: A truly unique brand experience for your customer which produces fulfilled, raving and loyal fans who provide your company with predictable and growing revenue.

Once you’ve designed a unique experience for your customers, we’ll help you implement integrated, multi-touch engagement  in your marketing program.

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